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Interview with Felipe for Tempestade Conservadora

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Introducing the Interview 677 with German Band Brutal Kraut and they doing a extreme and intense second album entitled Progression In Madness. The band have this formation: Rouven Constantin on Vocal And Guitar, Henry Ludwig on Bass and Marlin Constantin on Drums. All band answer our questions. Let´s start the interview and Come on Interview.

TC 1:Introducing the band for us?

Marlin Constantin:We are Brutal Kraut and playing Extrem Progressive Metal. And we want to thank Mr. Lemmy for the best introducing idea ever

TC 2:Talking about the composition work in Progression in Madness ?

Rouven Constantin:The writing process was a little different from the last outputs, I figured out more at home. But from there like always, I bring my stuff, the guys are doing their thing and at the end we have a kickass metal song.

TC 3:The band choice a single for this album and why this choice?

Rouven Constantin:That happened in the studio, the album was just finally produced and we were listening the first time with some of our people my girl included. Then the question came up we talked about it and it was an unanimous result.

TC 4:What´s the lyrical theme for this album?

Rouven Constantin:On the lyrical side it´s all about shit that happens like in everyone's live. Self doubts, anger, drug abuse, that kind of negative stuff. Plus some slight social criticism. But there is no determined concept behind it.

TC 5:It´s more easy or more pratical a band like powertrio?

Rouven Constantin:Even though it´s sad that Lukas left us, but for me and for us as a band also it was a challenge to compensate the lack of a second guitar. I had to be much more focused cause there was no one who could carry on if I fuck up a shift to the next part which is sometimes critical if you are singing and playing at the same time. Plus the new material came with a lot more text. But now I must say I enjoy the freedom, you don´t need to care about a second guitar, you can do your thing more freely. The future will tell but for now we are pleased how things going.

TC 6:Why the band have this name?

Marlin Constantin:We wanted a bandname which describe us and our Band. We make Brutal music and we are all germans. So we decide to name ourself "Brutal Kraut". It's sound way better than "Brutal Germans" and can't be missunderstood.

TC 7:-Why Lukas Ludwig and Bennet Schmidt left from the band?

Rouven Constantin:Both had changing priorities and the band didn´t fit into their lives anymore that´s how it goes, everything´s alright. Bennet is still one of my closest friends and with Lukas we did the pre production for this album and he and his girl modeled for our new shirts.

TC 8:Is there a band within your style that you don't like? If so, tell us which one and why?

Henry Ludwig:Since our style has a lot of different inspirations from various metal genres it's actually hard to find a band with a similar style. But let's put it like that, everyone has their own favorite bands, that the others guys don't necessarily also like.

Marlin Constantin:I don't mind bands and Music i don't like. It makes no sense to me , i think its better to talk and think about Bands and music we like.

TC 9:How come band arrive to Boersma Records?

Marlin Constantin:I searched for some Bands which we can play live with and found the band "Apallic" and "Nero Doctrine". I enjoyed their music and find out after researching that they our booth in the same label . So i checked out the label and get, after consultation with the Band, in contact with the label. Then after some good conversations we decided to join the Label.

TC 10:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Rouven Constantin:The guy in front is working on his heart which stands for personality, choices you make in live etc. Behind him stands a business or politics man who frequently disturbs him by screwing around at his brain. So my intention is to show, that you have to be attentive or you might be manipulated without recognizing. The other guys do have a slightly different interpretation I think. Of course everyone can interpret as he/she likes it´s just mine.

TC 11:Does the band have nightmares about their songs?

Marlin Constantin:If you mean playawise i had some nightmares before recording the Song "Broken". I was going to my limits at this song. Fun fact: In the studio it was way more easy to play this song than a slow one like "New Ways".

TC 12: How is Brutal Kraut different from your previous bands?

Rouven Constantin:I´m more free with the songwriting. Before our singer had sometimes relative strict visions of what metal should sound like. Which wasn´t so bad, it forced me to focus, I tend to be kind of disorganized, also in songwriting. I´m still working things out haha. And of course I´m playing now with my brother which leads into some spicy situations, if you have siblings you know what I´m talking about. Also Henry was the drummer of our former band, to experience him now as a bassist which is his original Instrument, is pretty interesting. We are making music for 13 years or so now and the other guy is my brother so I guess it´s a huge part of the energy we have as a band.

Henry Ludwig:Well I already played with Rouven together in another band before Kraut, that was more old school death'n'roll. Rouven is an amazing guitar player, he could play all that stuff when we were only 16 years old. He blew my mind when we first met, so I'd definitely say that he plays riffs and solos that are pretty his own style. And that is hard to imitate.

Marlin Constantin:Brutal Kraut gives me emotions, goosebumps i never had with other musicians. My heart/personality tourns out/shines out if i play that stuff. As well as it pushes me as a drummer and human.

TC 13:-Before music,what the band loves to doing?

Henry Ludwig: I love gaming and cooking good food.

Marlin Constantin:I was a angry little child/teenager which had much agressions against everyone and enjoed playing games and do some muscle training

TC 14:The band thinks this album is conceptual\yes or no and why?

Rouven Constantin:It´s not a concept album, it´s more like a snapshot of our lives at the moment we wrote those songs. Though I write the songs, still I think the other guys would agree to a certain degree. So no, no concept, to hard.

TC 15:Some philosopher inspire the band?if so,witch one and why?

Marlin Constantin: As no one answerd this question it seems like it don´t inspired us or we don´t notice it

TC 16:The band feel differences between lyrical and sound in Brutal Kraut and now in Progression in Madness?

Rouven Constantin:I guess they are just better haha. The new album misses these “brutal death blood gore” texts, which I personally don´t like but hadn´t better ideas in the past. Our producer Ulf from ULS- Productions helped me a lot, also my girl, to make them feel more natural to the music, to what I didn´t pay much attention before.

TC 17:-Give a message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Marlin Constantin:Thank you for your support hope to see you soon after this Covid nightmare ends !

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