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New trailer for the upcoming album

Das Album erscheint am 13.11.2020 via Boersma - Records und kann ❗ab heute❗ direkt bei uns vorbestellt werden per:

▶️ E-Mail

▶️ PM/DM bei Facebook oder Instagram

▶️Preis 15,00 Euro

New Teaser from the upcoming album "Progression In Madness" out on November 13th, 2020 via Boersma - Records Order the album here:


▶️PM/DM Facebook/Instagram

▶️Price 15,00 Euro


1. Broken

2. Hesitation

3. New Ways

4. Like Gods

5. Perceive the Insanity

6. All I see

7. Twisted Tongue

8. Progression in Madness

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Check out his blog here: Introducing the Interview 677 with German Band Brutal Kraut and they doing a extreme and intense second album entitled Progression In Madne

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